hello there!

it's nice to meet you. click the sprites above to learn a little more about me.

my name is kyle.

i'm a super-senior at texas a&m university. this december, i'll be graduating with a bs in computer science and digital art.

lately, i do web dev.

when i was introduced to react-redux during my internship at capital one this summer, it was love at first byte. in the past, i've worked in ruby on rails and vanilla html/css/js.

sometimes, i make apps.

my preferred flavor of software engineering is ios development. objective c is aight, but swift is super fresh.

i like making pretty things.

whether it's completing branding work in illustrator or doodling in my notebook, art and design are central to everything i do.

i also enjoy making music.

i started writing songs in middle school, and i'd like to think i've improved. i enjoy singing/playing gigs when i can and jamming with my friends.

lastly, i have new life.

last but certainly not least, Jesus saved my life this past semester. i hope to glorify Him in everything that i do.

let's keep in touch!

if you want to chat, or you think we could make something cool together, message me on linkedin, or shoot me an email. i'm ready to go out into the world and do something awesome!

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